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Roseville Pottery Covered Pieces

Roseville Pottery Information | Shape Families

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Covered pieces were sometimes classified as part of the "Novelties"  family.

By 1916, Roseville introduced a systematic method of assigning shape numbers by shape family. Until 1936, the shape numbers were seldom indicated on the actual pottery. Many can be found by studying the shape lists in Bassett's Roseville Prices and the catalog pages in Understanding Roseville Pottery and Jack and Nancy Bomm's Roseville in All Its Splendor.

For items that do not appear in those books, shape numbers can be identified only by locating an example marked at the factory with a pencil, crayon, or inkstamp notation. You can help! If you find a covered piece (other than a cookie jar) that is marked with a shape number whose line is not identified below, please contact Mark Bassett.

1 = Donatello
2 = Donatello
3-8" = Volpato
4-11" = Rosecraft
5-10" = Volpato

13-4" = Savona

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Updated 8/10/09