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Fake Roseville Dealer Sign

The piece of pottery shown at the left is a new Reproduction... NOT a vintage Roseville  piece. Comparisons to the authentic Roseville dealer sign shown at the right will help you distinguish the fake from the real!

My thanks to Ken and Dennis, owners of L.A. Finders Keepers and promoters of the Los Angeles Pottery Show, for providing the images of the REAL dealer sign. Visit them on the internet at

NOTE: The fake has a hollow pocket to support the sign. A real Roseville dealer sign is NOT hollow inside. The fake is also poorly glazed and crudely modeled.  A photograph of the vintage piece appears in my book Introducing Roseville Pottery. Additional reproductions and lookalikes are illustrated in my books on Roseville.

FAKE. The "o" overlaps the "R."

REAL. Note the long, low-sweeping tail on the "R."

FAKE. The support follows the outline of the lettering.

REAL. The support is trapezoidal, not rectangular. Flat top.

FAKE. The central support is hollow. Note the use of white clay on the fake.

REAL. The feet have round openings, but the central support is solid. Note the standard buff-colored clay, typical of most Roseville products.

© 2003 Mark Bassett
Updated 09/07/03