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Blues of a Lifetime, by Cornell Woolrich
      A book for film noir fans!
      152-pg hardback, 1st edition (1991)
      $25.00 plus shipping
      Cornell Woolrich (1903-1968) also wrote under the names "George Hopley" and "William Irish" 

      Many of his suspense stories and novels were made into Film Noir. He was the Father of Noir!

      Visit the Cornell Woolrich site for photos & links

      His masterpieces include "The Night Reveals" (1936); "Three O'Clock" (1938); The Bride Wore Black (1940); The Black Curtain (1941); Black Alibi (1942); Phantom Lady (1942); "Rear Window" (1942); The Black Angel (1943); The Black Path of Fear (1944); Deadline at Dawn (1944); Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1945); Waltz into Darkness (1947); I Married a Dead Man (1948); Rendezvous in Black (1948); and "Too Nice a Day to Die" (1965).

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