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Selected Consignments Welcome!


Since 1990, Mark Bassett has also sold many outstanding examples of hand-decorated Weller (including Hudson and Sicard), Cowan limited-edition figures, decorated Rookwood, and rare Roseville trial-glaze and Experimental pieces on consignment.

If you have something of that calibre to sell, you may wish to consider talking with him. (For more Consignment information, go to the bottom of this page.)

Here is the story of a special consignment of American art pottery that Mark Bassett was honored to sell for its owners during 2004.

This rare wall pocket is now in an advanced collection of Roseville and is happily back home in the U.S.

(CLICK on the photo for more images!)

When you are quoted a figure from an auction house, it pays to keep in mind...

Because auction house fees include a 28% buyer premium nowadays--in addition to whatever commission the owner is required to pay--the Canadian couple would have lost money by selling this piece at auction!


A lucky couple from Canada bought a copy of Mark Bassett's book American Art Pottery Wall Pockets at the March 2004 Atlantique City show (in Atlantic City, New Jersey). The vacation trip was their Christmas 2003 gift from their son.

By reading this book, they identified the wall pocket shown at left as a rare Roseville Tourist design, worth as much as or more than $10,000 (U.S. dollars).

The Roseville piece was inherited from an older relative, and the couple had wondered about its origin.

Turning down several offers they received in Atlantic City, the couple instead consigned this piece to Mark Bassett, who sold it for about twice as much as the "book" price!

For the new owner, for the original owners, and for Mark, this result was "Win/win/WIN!"


When possible, Mark will continue to take selected consignments on commission. But because he started teaching full time in 2005, he must keep the total number of consignments to a minimum. As a result, he cannot accept any items on consignment that are expected to sell for less than $500.

On rare occasions, he can accept a collection on consignment--even with individual pieces valued at lower figures than $500--or perhaps he would be able to make an outright purchase.

Today, more than ever, advanced collectors are looking for rare and beautiful examples of Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, or Mid-Century Modern pots, whether American or European.

If you have something you would like to discuss with Mark, please contact him.

REMINDER: Mark does not make appraisals for people selling on Ebay or other venues. Nor does he conduct estate appraisals. If you need an appraisal for any reason, click here for some suggestions.

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Updated 8/8/09