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New Edition of Introducing Roseville Pottery


NEW! the Revised & Enlarged 2nd ed. of Introducing Roseville Pottery

... an essential reference book, based on new research and updated in every edition with the latest findings! 
Without placing two editions side by side, it is difficult to identify the changes made by an author or publishe. The most important changes in this edition are mentioned on the DESCRIPTION page. Here are some examples: 

Over 20 New Photographs!

The red vase (marked U.S.A.) was made by Shawnee Pottery and is based on a Roseville Laurel shape. The jardiniere at the right (no mark) was made by Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. (R.R.P. Co.) and is based on a Roseville Dahlrose shape. 

Note the Cherub Cameo jardiniere above (left). When the second edition of Introducing Roseville Pottery was published, the unmarked Donatello-style pots (with aquamarine, ivory, medium green, and terra cotta coloring) were thought to be a product by yet another of Roseville's competitors. The Cherub Cameo line is discussed in detail in my next book, Understanding Roseville Pottery

In another change, a Majolica umbrella stand that appeared on page 165 of the first edition is now thought to be Owens, not Roseville. The same umbrella stand also appears in Virgina Hillway Buxton's book, Roseville Pottery for Love or Money (page 48). For the second (and later) editions of Introducing Roseville Pottery, a Majolica jardiniere and pedestal by Roseville are illustrated in that spot instead of the umbrella stand. 
Factory Shape Numbers Added!

The photograph captions in each new edition of Introducing Roseville Pottery will incorporate factory shape numbers that were matched with specific shapes since the previous edition was published. 

Mark documents this information by first-hand observation and then records hand-written corrections into a single copy of the book that he keeps beside his computer. 

As this page shows, lots of Vista shape numbers have been matched with pots since the 1st edition was published! 

(In the new edition, the captions have been newly typeset to reflect such findings.)

Revisions to the Text Too!

Throughout the text (including captions), there were minor changes made to the text. The most important changes relate to the factory terminology used for specific shapes, as reported in Bassett's Roseville Prices. We now know from the shape numbers which items Roseville called "bowls" and which ones were "fern dishes" or "jardinieres" instead. 

So far, Mark Bassett's books on Roseville are the only ones using the correct factory terminology!  For more information about this topic, visit the Roseville Information page. 

Revising Introducing Roseville Pottery also allowed Mark to correct the Ivory shape list, which was garbled at the last minute by the publisher's computer! Unfortunately, Mark had not kept a backup copy of this file, and it was incomplete as published in the 1st edition. As you can see, he made copious notes in his copy of the book (shown below). Now, there are indeed cross-references to Crystal Green shapes in the Ivory shape list, which appears in its entirety only in the 2nd edition. 



© 2009 Mark Bassett
Updated 8/9/09