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In addition to working as an antique dealer, Mark Bassett collects American and European pottery. The illustrations on this page feature pieces from his personal collection!


Among his special interests are artist-signed or figural  Cowan, AMACO (American Art Clay Company), WPA-era ceramics (especially by Edris Eckhardt), ceramics marked "Federal Art Project," paintings and pottery by Geza DeVegh (sometimes spelled "de Vegh"), Valerie (Vally) Wieselthier, Viktor Schreckengost, Cleveland School arts and crafts, ARKO, Phoenix Pottery (marked "PHOENIX"), Sebring Art Pottery, and Wileman Foley Intarsio (and other Rhead pottery). He enjoys the "high style" periods: the Aesthetic Movement, Art Nouveau, the Arts and Crafts period, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modernism (sometimes called "Eames era"). Also looking for Syracuse China "Yellow Roses" pattern.

If you have something you think he would like, please contact him.  You may wish to visit the Wanted page too!

Please keep in mind...   Roseville pottery was sold by the train-car load. If you have a piece of Roseville, join the club. Practically every household in the United States includes examples of this plentiful and attractive pottery. Mark does not purchase individual examples of Roseville by email.

REMINDER... Because he has no staff, Mark also can not identify by telephone or email the maker, value, or line name of any individual pot.

For information on obtaining such information, visit the ID's & Appraisals page.

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Updated 8/9/09