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Rare Roseville Creamware (Tourist) Wall Pocket

S * O * L * D

Illustrated on this page are images of one of the rarest of all Roseville wall pockets... the highly sought after Tourist wall pocket. Mark Bassett was honored to be chosen to sell this delightful piece on consignment during the summer of 2004.

Simply stunning! (Tourist is very rare in the market today, and almost all pieces are damaged and/or restored.)

The scene shown on this piece depicts a sophisticated lady driver in fancy dress, touring her roadster through a country scene of Italianate houses and linden trees, the perfect Arts and Crafts era landscape. However, just ahead, her auto is speeding along fast enough (probably 15-20 mph at the most!) to scare away several chickens (or geese). Note the plume of dust behind her rear wheels!

Measurements: 10-1/8" t. x 5" wide x 2-1/8" deep. Faintly die-impressed factory shape number.


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Updated 8/8/09