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Weller Pottery Book Update

In 2003, Mark Bassett set about discussing a book project on Weller Pottery with the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus.  After a year of email exchanges, he finally obtained permission to publish the OHS catalog pages (by signing over ALL of his potential royalties), in exchange for assembling files of original Weller ads, trade journal announcements, etc., that have been captured on microfilm in the library of the Smithsonian Insitution and the Corning (NY) Museum of Glass.

The work will require that Mark live in Columbus for part of a summer, so that he can be trained as a volunteer staff person at OHS, where he will then scan all 300+ images, one by one, working there full time for no pay.

He is willing to undertake this project ONLY IF some philanthropic soul will offer him a sofa or guest bedroom in the Columbus area during the summer--because Mark's teaching responsibilities at Case Western Reserve University keep him busy during the fall and spring--and then in Washington, D.C.

Is there a collector who wants a book reprinting all known factory images of Weller pottery products?

If so, please consider helping Mark to accomplish this research--which will also require free lodging in the Washington, D.C., area while Mark is working in microfilm at the Library of Congress.

Mark does not expect, nor want, other gratuities while he is working in Columbus, Ohio; and Washington, DC. He prefers to work long hours and keep socializing to a minimum (except perhaps on a weekend evening).
 © 2009 Mark Bassett
Updated 08/01/09